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Kill the Fungus...Heal Your Skin

In an effort to rid the world of Jock Itch, NetherCream for Men Jock Itch Anti-Fungal Body Butters are ALWAYS on SALE!

1 in 5 men suffer from Jock Itch...It doesn't go away on it's own. It's a fungus that can SPREAD!

Heal Today!
  • Total Score for NetherCream -J.G.

    Just wanted to let you know my son Ben worked a 7-hour shift Friday, a nine-hour shift Saturday and a 14-hour shift Sunday, before the 14-hour shift he put some on that region let it soak in and NO rash problems the entire shift. Total score for NetherCream!

  • Magic? - A.D.

    I received your product a few days ago. Is one of the ingredients magic? 
    Works great and I love the smell!!! I will be ordering more as soon as this starts running low. I very much appreciate the NetherCream for Men: Pamper as an extra. I feel like a Greek god when I apply it

    (I'll spare the details).

  • We've Got Your Back –R.W.

    Training for a duathlon, running in my cycling shorts a lot, leads to some chafing to say the least. NetherCream has my back, so to speak. Good stuff.

THE DIFFERENCE: Our products are ALL Natural. If we couldn’t pronounce it, we didn’t add it.


    • Additives 
    • Alcohols or other Drying Agents
    • Aluminum   
    • Animal for Testing
    • Baking Soda  
    • Colors          
    • Dyes         
    • Fragrances    
    • Gluten
    • Harsh Chemicals       
    • Parabens         
    • Perfumes 
    • Petroleum
    • Phthalates
    • Preservatives      
    • Sulfates 
    • Talc