Healthy Happy Heels...Heals

Healthy Happy Heels...Heals

I have really dry heels. I wear leather sandals and they suck all the moisture out of my heels. I created Healthy Happy Heels to combat this problem. I can have the most cracked, angry, dry heels and after putting on Healthy Happy Heels, well, they heal, like overnight. Literally. 
Healthy Heels
I once thought, I should take a before and after picture, because well, I don't moisturize my feet every day and sometimes they get really bad. Then I put on a small amount of Healthy Happy Heels and go to bed. In the morning, I have smooth, healed heels. 
I don't have to use it every day. An 8 oz container can last 4-6 months before you use it all up. It's different. It works. You should try it. Your heels deserve the best. 
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