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  • "NetherCream for Men: Pamper is fantastic! It makes my junk smell tropical."


  • "My feet are not cracked anymore! It’s AMAZING!!!"

    - H.D.

  • "I love NetherCream for Women: Care so much. I told my mom about it and now she's using it too. Well, she's actually using mine."


  • "I absolutely love your products especially, especially, especially the smell!"


  • "I've been using NetherCream for Women: Care and the rash under my breasts is gone! I also use it after I shave my underarms to get rid of razor burn!"


  • "I absolutely love NetherCream for Men: Pamper. The pride I see in my husband when he knows he's taking care of every part of himself is amazing to see! Thanks NetherCream."


  • "I wanted something to help my husband feel good about himself. He's not the best at taking care of himself. NetherCream for Men: Clean and Dry makes it easy for him to stay clean and dry."


Recently, I received this comment:

"I started with the nether area cream a long time ago. I had lost quite a bit of weight and had folds of skin in my lower abdominal area. I was using baby powder which was not very effective in relieving itch and irritation. Now, I've ordered my second large container. I also have purchased the Face to Feet, Eczema formula, Lavender Foot in both sizes, and samples of other products. I cannot imagine my life without NetherCream."

And I cried. I started NetherCream because I had issues no one had solutions for. I was teaching middle school and after working with a group of boys, whom I thought had all just come from a very exhausting workout in P.E., I just couldn't take the stench any longer. I thought, tomorrow we will have a lesson on personal hygiene and go over how to use deodorant. That night as I was getting ready for bed, I noticed a mark on my bra. I pulled it closer to inspect it and BAM! the smell of sweaty 7th grade boys hit my nose. IT WAS ME. I was the one who was smelling like rotting yeasty yuck. I showered every day. I wore clean clothes, yet the smell from beneath my breasts was unbelievable. I made an appointment with my doctor. She told me to put deodorant under my breasts. As I'm highly reactive to deodorant, that didn't sound like a good idea. So I started searching the interweb. I found 1 article about the benefits of Argan Oil and smelly yeasty odors.

I thought, hey, I make my husband stuff for his smelly undercarriage, why not try adding some Argan Oil to the mix. And BAM! the odor is gone. Gone. Completely. Whatever was growing there has been destroyed and hasn't come back as daily use of NetherCream has not made it a good breeding ground.

I, too, cannot imagine my life without NetherCream.

Thank you to all those who have been brave enough to try our products! Thank you for sharing your love of them with us!

Kelley M Likes

  • "Okay, first impression: NetherCream for Women: Care is so smooth and it smells great. I’ll keep you updated on any changes. I used it on my stretch marks, under boobs, boobs, Netherlands, and under arms...I’m super impressed."


  • "My heels were really bad. They were cracked and flaky. I was planning on do a before and Healthy Happy Heals before bed and then forgot to take a picture. In the morning, while not 100% healed, it was no longer cracked and flaky. After a few more days of use, healed, healthy, wonderful."


  • "My teenaged son's feet smell like death. He takes off his shoes and we have to roll down the car windows. Never thought it was possible for him to have nice smelling feet. He puts Face to Feet on every morning before putting his socks on and it works like a charm! Thank you!"


  • "What I love most about NetherCream is that I can tell it isn’t highly processed. It’s got bits and chunks of good stuff mixed in. It feels natural, and I know there isn’t any bad stuff to harm my skin."


  • "I used Face to Feet this morning after my shower. I really enjoyed the cream - I love the coconut oil and the smell. It feels surprisingly fresh and comfortable. Thank you."


  • "I absolutely love NetherCream for Men: Pamper. The pride I see in my husband when he knows he's taking care of every part of himself is amazing to see! Thanks NetherCream."


  • "I used to have this really yucky smell down there after working out, then I started using NetherCream for Women: Care. The smell is gone!"


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